CLOSED Shops from the KMADD Designer Directory

This list has been visually confirmed or confirmed by the retired designers.
If we are mistaken please send a note card to KMADD Manager Eve Petlyakov.

42 by Faolain Oconnell
Aden by Aden Breyer
Algernon by Ichiro Bingyi
Arcavim by Drack Diesel
Appetite & Eve Jewellery Salon by Sue Stonebender
Aunty Entity by Tarn Skirr
BIOHAZARD T SHIRTS by Bio Swindlehurst
Body and Soul Tracks by Ran Sosa
Body Works by Ish Lednev
BroGear by Broder Kubrick
CMC Color Me Couture by Tag Mulligan
Comme il Faut by Moire Georgette
Concrete by concrete Chemistry
CryoGen Cloning Facility CGL by Michelle Margetts
Curiosity by Malte Antfarm
Defiant Designs by Denon Xu
Elegance Hats by Morrigan Hyun
FabulouS by dango Jewell
Fantasies, INK & Lame Designs by Faolain Oconnell
Fim Fischer Watches by Fim Fischer
First Impressions by Pukk Abel
Flesh Peddlers by Posy Trudeau & Vasean Talamasca
FING Shop by Coco Kamloops
Freesoul by Dark Hennesy
Fuse by Jonathan Hugo
Genius Target by Uran DeCuir
Geko by Leyla Firefly
Giovinci by Giovinci Cortes
Gris Gris by Naoki Ninetails
I’m Safado by Gutao Rosca
JHZ by LadyInad Zenovka
Je veux by sucreee Menges
JGD by Birdy Shepherd
JuJu’s Closet by Juwan Lane
Kangaroos by Leyla Firefly
Kitchy Boutique by Kitridge DeSantis
KS Tattoo Studio by kohdai Beck
Los Altos Hot Gear by Smerk Gorilla
Little Rebel Designs by Siggy Romulus
Luce by Kaede Broome
Manatee by Manatee McMillan
Maho-Do by Striker Albatros
Millage Valenti – Male Skins by Millage Valenti
Mina’s Tattoo and PiercingShop by Mina Firefly
Miriel by Miriel Enfield
Moderno by Starley Thereian
MONOGRIND by Bvrve Cremorne
Mr.Poet by hiwinyu Fazuku
Muse Fine Jewelry by Caliah Lyon
Muzeek (Picnic & Muzeek) by nyasyousa Oh
Mystikal Hair Designs by Mystikal Faddoul
Nomasha Syaka by Nomasha Syaka
Nora Body Skins by Sezmra Svarog
null by Daaii Jinn
ON (Zero Number) by Mai Runo
OZ by Sugar Rives
Paradox by Neaky Larsson
Perfect Tomorrow by Perfect Tomorrow
Phoenix Rising by Daniel Guisse
Picnic & Muzeek by nyasyousa Oh
Polished Hair by Cherise Benavente
QueenQueen by Disco Duranjaya
Re.act by Dave Attenborough
Relika by Relika Itamae
ROT by GutterBlood Spoonhammer
Savvy! by Dakota Buck
score note by cham Qinan
Sergeys by Sergey Wollongong
Shop Therapy by Proda Jie
Singing Moth by Zenais Bayn
Slanted Fox by Riki Yifu
Storm Schmooz by Storm Schmooz
Sumire & EnvYou by Lizzle Evans
T3 by Talia Tokugawa
Taco Taco Taco by Marissa Racecourse
Tete a pied by CJ Carnot and Roslin Petion
T. King by Thomus Keen
Uomo by Kitridge DeSantis
Vive 9 by BluAbyss Denimore
Vette’s Boutique by Adam Soler
wither by Mocha Loring
X2 by Arya Amarula
Yukirei Accessories by Yukirei Greene
Zero Number by Mai Runo



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