Show Sponsorship

Due to great popularity of our fashion shows we have received number of requests from designers, bloggers and magazines that wanted to sponsor our events. In response to this we have decided to introduce show sponsorship so to help other businesses promote themselves while supporting what we do.

Our shows are advertised in several ways:

  • KMADD Enterprise group (900+ members)
  • Subscribe-o-matic KMADD Enterprise group (2000+ members)
  • Press release – sent to various magazines, PR groups, style groups etc.
  • On our blogs – MAD Agency, MAD Image,

Show sponsorship presents you with a great opportunity to reach affluent fashion conscious market while being associated with reputable KMADD brand.

How does the sponsorship work?

There are several means of sponsoring our shows:

  • Financial
  • Product donation – poses, furniture, textures, accessories etc. – there is no limit what you can donate. Items need to be sent to MAD Agency management team and models (where appropriate)
  • Space/Location – in some instances MAD Agency may require a space for the show
  • Cross promotion – we advertise us, we advertise you – subject to approval

How will you be promoted?

To gain full return on your investment, MAD Agency will:

  • Include your name under show sponsors in their show invitation and press release sent to our groups.
  • Send “from our Sponsors” note card within KMADD Enterprise group – featuring your landmark, advertising material and special offers.
  • Feature your name with Landmark/Web link on our Sponsors Wall during the show.
  • Publish your advertising information on MAD Agency site as a separate post with our endorsement
  • DJ promotion during the after show party
  • And finally add your landmark to our Sponsor Directory on our blogs

Suitable Sponsors

This is only a guide, be free to speak to us about your suitability.

  • new and existing blogs in need of exposure and promotion to increase popularity and traffic – especially fashion/lifestyle themed blogs
  • new designers and designers with new products – reach wider audience quickly, make your name known, attract new buyers, show your products in action (part of MAD Agency set)
  • land owners in need of advertising their real estate
  • magazines that want to increase their readership
  • any business that would like to strengthen their brand presence in Metaverse

If you have any enquiries about Show Sponsorship and how it can benefit you please get in touch with Risa Bright or Kirk Claymore in-world.