KMADD Builds

KMADD Builds offers exclusive collection of prefab fashion sets, textures and accessories to successfully run your own fashion event or modeling agency.

Our sets are modern and elegant, they are strong to stand on their own or serve like a blank canvas inspiring visions limited only by your imagination. You can use these sets for your next fashion show, party, event, club – the options are limitless.

All our items are MODIFY/COPY – which gives you an opportunity to easily add your personal touch and transform our runways to suit your individual needs.

We suggest to try tinting, changing textures, adding glow and shine to various surfaces to create a unique look. For more advanced users can try moving individual elements around.

See examples of variations made for Modavia Fashion Week 2011.

These sets can currently only be purchased @ KMADD.

Maddox DuPont works as an artistic director for MAD Agency (KMADD) and was responsible for building runways for MODAVIA Fashion Week 2011 and numerous fashion shows and other KMADD Events.

Maddox DuPont is available for hire for all your custom building needs.

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