MADesigns HAIR

MADesigns specializes in quality short men’s hair, unisex punk styles & fine female couture hair. No prim was spared in creating fashionable, everyday styles that are versatile to suit any occasion.




  • MADesigns colors were created with the most popular skins in mind – ensuring your skin tone and eyebrows won’t clash with a color of your hair.
  • Our hair colors combine hand painted and RL hair source giving us  more control over how the texture looks.
  • As our hair colors vary in texture they are able to communicate smoothness/softness and thickness of hair, depth of color and transparency
  • You can demo all our colors: 2 FREE styles for both male and female are available at our hair department, main store.


Hair Bases for SL 2.0 are also available for all our punk styles. If your skin does not have hair painted on it already use this hair accessory to get the hair on sides look with our mohawks.


See a complete collection of MADesigns HAIR on Flickr.


Each set contains 8 colors priced @ only L$300 – that’s great value – L$37 per color – unbeatable for men’s hair.

Complete color collection attract 50% discount – check black tab under demos for pricing.


All MADesigns DEMOs are equipped with easy to use menu operated re-size script. Simply wear the demo, click on it and use menu to adjust the size. It is that easy.

PLEASE NOTE: MADesigns hair does not contain re-size script. We do however offer free re-size script available from information panel at our store. Re-size script is only useful if our hair cannot be reduced smaller than minimum head size – re-size script will override this – please read a note card on re-size  script “dangers” before installing it for any other use.

MADesigns recommends manually adjusting hair for superior fit.


MADesigns HAIR or Search > Places > KMADD


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