Skater Boi

“He was a skater boy, She said see ya later boy, He wasn’t good enough for her! Now he’s a supe..” Uhmmm *Pulls his headset off of his head* This isn’t what it looks like honest…I was just…uhh…because…Anyway *coughs* I took my younger brother shopping the other day, and we happened to chance on this store selling some pretty cool sports gear. So skateboarding is the basis for this rawk outfit.

<Jump onto the skateboard for more info>

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Live to dress another day

*Eagerly opens the invite to the Kmadd city opening*
Rizza: Lookit! The invitation has arrived!
*sits down and starts reading*
Faint: What’s the theme?!
Rizza: Bond… 😀
Faint: Oh! I saw a great dress at Muism I could wear
Rizza: Yea, you’d look hawt fosho
Faint: Nu Uuuuuu!
Rizza: Wait a second.. I would as well…
*light bulb*
Faint: You thinking what I’m thinking?!
Rizza: What that the cake is a lie?! *shakes his fist*
*Faint pulls Rizza close and whispers in his ear*
*Rizza makes an ‘O’ face* …(nooo not THAT ‘O’ face–the other one.)

<Read on as I stumble and fall out of my comfort zone…>

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Guitar Hero

Living in the UK means one must endure the overcast gloom of summer. Hence wiling away summer days playing Guitar Hero and SL. So you’ve plucked strings till your fingers bled but still haven’t had enough of the Rock star lifestyle? Look no further.

<It isn’t over yet, click on for more details>

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