Steampunk ~ The Future is Yesterday

Written by Maddox DuPont for RUNWAY Magazine December 2008

We are technology addicts. All of us, especially you who is reading this. You love your virtual lives, your ipods all those gadgets. They let you escape, dream, perhaps imagine better life. They make you feel more fortunate than your grandma, right?

I remember the first time I held my “touchy”, freshly unwrapped and fully charged. My fingers gliding on its smooth surface, with only few clicks I had my favourite track on while checking my e-mail and making to do list of all the things that I would probably never come around doing. I felt like Tom Cruise in “Minority report”, I felt future was here and I was part of it. I imagined how far we will get in the next 10 years if I am already here experiencing this. The future is now.

Then the reality sets in and the world that looks bright with hope starts flashing its wounds to reveal that we are not all living the same tomorrow. So, I try to escape, to freeze time so that I can live in this moment forever or visit the time where I felt at home with myself, with who I am.

And sometimes I am so paralysed to do anything at all often wondering if the path I will choose will be the best one for me. After all we create future, today and every move counts. Like the clock whose ticks announces each passing moment, each breath has purpose; each coil, spring and gear pulls the time with it in eternal cause and effect game.

It is from these dreams, hopes and ponderings that Steampunk was born. Steampunk can be broadly defined by it’s fashion, technology and lifestyle set in a world where steam power was widely used, usually Victorian and Edwardian era England, and with a strong helping of science fiction and science fantasy thrown in.

It’s the alternative path, that could have happened, like H. G. Wells and his time machine, or Jules Verne’s technologies. There’s steampunk inventions like dirigibles and other flying machines, steam automobiles and a real life computer called a “Difference Engine” invented by Charles Babbage in 1822. The emphasis is on steam driven or spring and clockwork propelled gadgets or any materials consistent with the Victorian era such as polished brass, iron, and wood.

In the world where almost everything is possible; where past, future and present can exist both at the same time (and often same place), is it to anyone’s surprise that steampunk has such a great following in Second Life?

What is so exciting about steampunk is that it combines two of our favourite things: nostalgia and technology. Everyone’s interpretation can be quite different and no rules really apply as long as they contain these two elements. As you will see it is not always necessary to adorn items that come from Victorian era, the style is much more flexible than that.

In the styles that are to follow I attempt to create characters with authentic presence who are embodiment of steampunk stereotypes to which I added my own personal interpretation. My intention was to challenge your perception of this particular genre and to inspire you to create your own unique style driven by your passions or suited to an occasion. I named styles: Nobleman, Nomad, Blimp Master, Steampunk Kitty and Firefly Commander.


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Really quite simple outfit when you look at it. I used modern hair style which fitted well with this period costume. Boots needed to be tinted as they were grey – choose light brown color with very little saturation.

This is elegant style suited for more formal occasion.

Steampunk Submarine Vessel is made by Carrah Rossini.


SHAPE: BUCK by MADesigns (modified)

SKIN: DRAGONFLY DESIGNS ~ (Desert)Ridge After Five GQ :Hair: Smooth Body\

HAIR: Defectiva ~ Gypsy BRN

EYES: MADesigns PROMISE eyes – brown pale 10


OUTFIT: Unzipped ~ Classical Badlands

MONOCOLE: LCC  – victorian monocle

RING: Mhaijik ~ Steampunk Gold Etched Ring

BOOTS: Angry Monkey ~  Justice Boots

CANE: Khep’s Creations ~ Post-Apoc SteamPunk Cane v.3


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I combined 2 whole outfits into one in this one. I also used helmet which comes with Sinister Designs outfit in addition to helmet from Blind Spot. I tinted all items from Blind Spot with brown to match the color of the outfit as it looked too pale in comparison. You can also add some glow to the monitor screen.

When I wore only a cloak I changed gloves to Steampunk Gloves from HC. HC is new label for combat gear and these gloves are exceptionally made.

You can also add goggles to this outfit which I did not ended up using but were originally part of this style. I used TonkTastic – Steampunk Goggles. They come with many great options for customisation and are all menu driven.

Location: Wastelands


SKIN: Gentlemen ~ Full 3

HAIR: bald by choice

EYES: MADesigns ~ PROMISE eyes – brown pale 10

TATTOO:  iNFLiCT ~ Im Not Pretending *Medium*


CLOTHING: Unzipped ~ Badlands4

CLOAK: Sinister Designs ~ Wasteland Warrior

GLOVES: HC ~ Steampunk gloves

SHOES: Blind Spot ~ Spoiler Limb

WEAPON: Blind Spot ~ Ge Lance /back

HELMET: Blind Spot ~ SuperMultiplet  Helmet


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This style is really no brainer, just wear items and adjust them to suit your body.

Location: Blimp @ Plunder


SKIN: TheAbyss ~ Scorpio_Orion[4]B Body Hair [Skullcap]

HAIR: bald by choice

EYES: MADesigns ~ PROMISE eyes – brown pale 10



OUTFIT: CIVVIES ~ “Scavenger” Coat Top

HAT: SiniStyle ~ Tank’D – drab

BOOTS: T.KING ~ Steampunk Brass Gear Boots

ARM: Hob Goblin ~ Brass Arm ((One Piece))

GLOVES: Angry Monkey ~ Road Warrior Glove

GOGGLES: LCC  – steampunk goggles


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I love this style for it is eclectic – you got a bit of Scottish, Neko, SteamPunk and Rock ‘n’ Roll. I keep getting people looking under my skirt hoping for a lucky surprise.

Location: SteamForge


SKIN: Belleza ~  Ewan tan 6-E bald

HAIR: Find Ash ~ Calm Gangster[Black/gold tips]

EYES: MADesigns ~ PROMISE eyes – green pale 14

TATTOO: DEVOL ~ Tribal Hemp Tattoo 1

BODY HAIR: Body Hair Shop ~ [vdbv] – {Jack} – chest hair (black-straight-thin)


KILT: The Syndicate ~ The Kurgan [Black]

TANK: World Wide Industries ~ lifted black floral tank

BOOTS: T.KING ~ Grunge Camp Kickers

TAIL: PrimtroniCS ~ Neko-Tail V1.2 Steampunk Gears III long

EARS: T.KING ~ Steampunk Brass Neko Ears

EYE PATCH: Last Eden ~ Goggle patch MALE

CUFFS: T.KING Grunge Camp Paw Cuff (large) & T.KING ~ Grunge Camp Paw Watch (large)

GUITAR: Hob Goblin ~ Steam-Punk Shredder Guitar


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I already spoke about this style in my preview post so not much to say here apart from that at the bottom you would find information on Bike and Gun used for this shoot.

Location: Muism Fashion Show set @ KMADD City


SKIN: -Belleza- Ewan tan 6-E

HAIR: bald

EYES: MADesigns NATURALS – happy blue pale eyes


COAT: Last Eden ~ Serial Killer Trench

SHIRT: Last Eden ~ Please Stand By

PANTS: Last Eden ~ Outlander Pants (Skinny)

HAT: Last Eden ~ Commissar hat skull an Cross Bones

BOOTS: [T.KING] ~ Steampunk Badlands Nemesis III Boots

BRACES: [T.KING] Spiked Bracers

EARINGS: Multi Earrings Skull (right) (models own)

NAILS: SiniStyle Taped Fingers & Black Nails (Index, Middle, Pinky)

GUN: T.KING ~ Steampunk Reactor Cannon II

BIKE: T.KING ~ Steampunk Badlands Terra-Bike

In Darkness Costume

So here it is my “In Darkness” costume I promised I would deliver by the end of the week. I hope this gives you some ideas on what to wear to your special event.

Halloween Costume

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Sneak Attack (Wolf King)

When my thinking brain goes on vacation, I get to stay out of my own way and go with my inner flow. Many creative things can come to life when that happens. And this is just one of them.

Tough outfit for dark traveller.

< complete style after the jump >

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Cyber Angel

This world is not like our own as much as we try to make it that way. When we are here we can be anyone that we wish to be and go to places unknown to most men.

An outfit for those celestial journeys.

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Making a Statement

Written by Maddox DuPont

Men have an inherent need to stand out. Generally speaking, men want to be in control, to be noticed, to attract the opposite sex (well, mostly), and to be seen as successful, confident and strong. This often opposes the way male clothing is designed in Real life and why it is so colourful in Second Life. With women’s clothing, there is such a great, broad variety of ways to express different moods; female fashion is flamboyant, bright, sexy, and fun. Men’s clothing however, is much more subdued.

Is it surprising then, that when some men – or even stylists, try to make a fashion statement in Second Life, their ensembles are often unwearable. No one wants to look like a Christmas Tree. Men want to stand out for a show – not for a beating. In saying that, it is still possible to express yourself with color, even if you are male. Keep in mind that less is almost always more – two colors will often do, in addition to black and white.

When it is time to make a fashion statement, I suggest you restrain your colors. Sure we want to stand out, but we still do not want to look like women. Rely on details to add color, flair and originality to your outfit. Men often forget about the small details. They are concerned only with having the biggest and latest items. That’s why you see so many guys addicted to muscle and red cars in real life, while in Second Life our male fashionists parade somebody else’s idea of style. Just because is it is a latest release, that does not make it fashionable. Remember, unless you are making a trend, you are following one.

To create a trend you do not need to be a designer or a stylist. You just need to be creative. Clothes are your palette, mood is your brush, occasion is your canvas.

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