Halloween Masquerade

Our busy social lives have kept us from posting what we wore for Halloween much earlier. But slight delay never takes away from good fashion.

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Death is your gift

Once upon the time I used to be big Buffy fan. I say fan not fanatic, I watched it did not go to convention or anything. Well this Halloween outfit has nothing to do with it really I am just explaining the title.

Halloween Warrior costume

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[ akami ] ~ Star Bound…

Sci Fi anyone?

Like most young male adults I secretly want to be a rocket boosting, android from the future, with a great hair cut and ominous white glowing eye balls. Don’t deny it… you know you do too.

So here we have it… with a little toiling and a lot more deliberation, I am now an ACTUAL rocket boosting, android from the future, with a great hair cut and ominous white glowing eye balls. Job done.

Android Sheek.

< Strap on your booster packs fellow space travellers… >

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Nipple Boy’s nipple

If you’re reading this, it’s probably safe to assume that you think SL is a pretty cool medium…either that or you prefer sitting around the house in your knickers (I’m the latter.) And to make a cool medium even cooler, you can play SL and still not put on pants. I mean, why-oh-why do men still bind themselves to the social constraints set in RL? Yeah sure, the majority of us have been a prim-whore neko…maybe even crossed paths with two 500lb truckers playing master and slave (inclusive of silks and leathers) But, it’s not very often you see men wearing…(pause for dramatic effect)…Wimmen’s clothing. *Gently pushes your mouth closed* Trust me on this one. Chicks dig men in skirts.

<If you have the cojones for it, click on more…>

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Cyber Couture

It was Sally’s Rezz day at KMADD Space Lounge. Sally is manager of AC Store helping Cheerno Destiny with his designing enterprise.

Since Sally asked for couture and venue was pretty space themed I thought of combining both.

Eclectic Cyber Style.

< for style info go to MORE >

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Cyber Reloaded

In the past I made a certain Cyber Neko style, this time you have Cyber Reloaded. Only small details are added this time to make me look like I come from the future.

Flexible futuristicly inspired outfit.

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Neko Prince

Neko is the Japanese word for the domestic cat and it is also a sign of good luck in Japan. Royal or not this is one nasty kitty.

Two neko styles befitted for the Prince.

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