Dragonfly Hat

A new release from Megg Demina of Chapeau tres Mignon the elegant Dragonfly Hat.


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Stripped down Paper Couture

Paper Couture are simply astounding designers. Their gowns even look amazing when prims are removed.


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Bond… James Bond

I often get asked where to get formal attire that no one else has. It can be challenging finding formal attire that no one else is wearing, especially if you are like to dress out of the box (meaning wearing outfit as it is).

In this post I show you how to mix and match to achieve the look that is unlikely others would have.

Two sexy, dashing mix and match outfits to suit you next formal affair.

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Italian Chi Chi

This outfit started with the metallic textured jacket from Mimikri, as I’m always attracted to unusual details in clothes, and I particularly liked the collar treatment with this jacket.

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Rooster Tails and Elegance

“Elegance” is a timeless classic evening dress from Solange, with it’s lace bodice and distinctive “rooster tail” over a simple system skirt it’s perfect for any formal event.

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Making a Statement

Written by Maddox DuPont

Men have an inherent need to stand out. Generally speaking, men want to be in control, to be noticed, to attract the opposite sex (well, mostly), and to be seen as successful, confident and strong. This often opposes the way male clothing is designed in Real life and why it is so colourful in Second Life. With women’s clothing, there is such a great, broad variety of ways to express different moods; female fashion is flamboyant, bright, sexy, and fun. Men’s clothing however, is much more subdued.

Is it surprising then, that when some men – or even stylists, try to make a fashion statement in Second Life, their ensembles are often unwearable. No one wants to look like a Christmas Tree. Men want to stand out for a show – not for a beating. In saying that, it is still possible to express yourself with color, even if you are male. Keep in mind that less is almost always more – two colors will often do, in addition to black and white.

When it is time to make a fashion statement, I suggest you restrain your colors. Sure we want to stand out, but we still do not want to look like women. Rely on details to add color, flair and originality to your outfit. Men often forget about the small details. They are concerned only with having the biggest and latest items. That’s why you see so many guys addicted to muscle and red cars in real life, while in Second Life our male fashionists parade somebody else’s idea of style. Just because is it is a latest release, that does not make it fashionable. Remember, unless you are making a trend, you are following one.

To create a trend you do not need to be a designer or a stylist. You just need to be creative. Clothes are your palette, mood is your brush, occasion is your canvas.

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