Mythology II

Here’s my second Mythology post inspired by beautiful and mysterious mythology character and Japanese anime.

Compared to Illusions’ Nivicola Horns used in the previous Mythology post, the beautifully sculpted Canadensis horns used in the picture this time is thicker with shorter distance between the loop, perfectly portrays the strong and tough character for the samurai look.  The horns are scripted and allows you to choose from 12 different colors to match with different style and color of your hair, skin and outfit.

The legs from Gauze is simply a perfect match with the horns. A variety of beautiful colors also available in the store!

Featuring also the exquisite hair from Sadistic Hacker, gorgeous outfit from B@R, my favourite Bad@zz skin, stunning Rushana necklace from Mandala and also highly detailed katana Musashi Blades to compliment this look.

Hope you like it.

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Legend of Shikigami

Shikigami are the summoned spirits of a Japanese sorcerer (onmyouji). Shikigami are used to protect and serve their master, much like the Western concept of the wizard’s familiar.

There are many types of shikigami described in legend, the most common type being enchanted paper cutouts that can produce the illusion of another real-life object.

Shikigami cannot be seen by most people. At the onmyouji command, they take a variety of human or animal forms, possess or bewitch people, and even cause bodily harm or death.

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Godless Society

What was once a look reserved for gang bangers and Rap Music ‘bad boys’, like pretty much everything else, is now mainstream.  A style where body art becomes the focus and clever accessories add more than visual appeal, they create a story about who a person is. The tattoos, the Celtic Tattoo from dEVOL and the Godless Society tat from Tattoo Corner  cover a fair amount of the upper body while the lower body plays up the street look with exposes undergarments under a pair of Black Classic Cargos  from Armidi’s Elephant Outfitters.

The squeaky clean ‘O-Swiss’ sneaks and Wallet Chain from 19 SOSAKU-KOBO are a status symbols, while a sleek black Laqroki Bandana (acquired at the recent Hair Fair) is the base for a whole bunch of neat head and neck gear. booN Headphones and the unique goggles – pinched from the Ladies ‘Black Spot’ Set from Bare Rose add rhythm and cool. Smaller touches that also add big impact are the Crown Bangle watch from Wither and an under-eye smudge of black  make-up (M ~ Messy make up (6) L.E.).

killer outfit for tough guys

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