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Shapes featured in MAD Agency’s DEREZZED Tron Legacy Inspired Fashion Show are out now!

Shapes were styled by Dahlia Joubert (MODAVIA PRODUCTIONS / MAD Agency model) and shapes were created by MADesigns.

You can see our shapes in action by watching entire DEREZZED Fashion Show machinima or viewing DEREZZED Show photos.

PACKAGE CONTENT: SHAPES ONLY Collection ordinarily includes styling card with details on skin, hair and eyes used and of course MADesigns SHAPE. This special release also includes details on clothing/style.

If you are looking for complete look check out our COMPLETE AVATARS or PREMIUM SHAPE COLLECTION.

PERMISSIONS: Modify / Copy / No Transfer

PRICE: L$700

Demos are available for each shape collection within our store.

PLEASE NOTE: Shape demos have larger ears than the original and their appearance will depend on the skin you are wearing at the time you are trying them.


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