The Red Jacket

For this look, I am using Taine, one of MADesigns’ Complete Avatars. The complete avatars come with the skin, hair, eyes and shape. The Complete Avatars range from 1500 L$ to 2500 L$ depending on the skin. Taine cost 2000 L$. If you’re new to Secondlife or just want to make a quick change, the Complete Avatars are the best, and the cheapest way to go.

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MADesigns Complete Avatars ~ New Releases

[ click on each image to get a closer look ]

If you are looking for a complete look at fantastic price, you can’t go past COMPLETE AVATARS @ KMADD.

COMPLETE AVATARS is our exclusive collection of shapes created in a collaboration with Second Life’s skin creators. Designed to offer instant transformation each shape comes with hair which is perfectly fitted, skin specifically selected for each shape that comes in both hair and bald version and pair of MADesigns eyes to bring life and realism to your new avatar. Simply wear the contents of each package and you are ready to go, all you need to do is add clothing. It is that simple!

Perfect package for both new and experienced players in need of quick change.

In this release, we are featuring 3 new skins from DNA: Harmony, Axel and Damien. All 3 skins are also available for purchase @ MADesigns Store, KMADD.

To see MUISM Complete Avatars click here.

PACKAGE CONTENT: MADesigns COMPLETE AVATARS Collection offers skin, shape, hair, eyes and specially designed facial hair/eyebrows all in one package.

PERMISSIONS: Modify / Copy / No Transfer

PRICE: $2000

Demos are available for each shape collection under each SHAPES section of our store.

PLEASE NOTE: Shape demos have larger feet and hands than the original and their appearance will depend on the skin you are wearing at the time you are trying demos on.


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