Suit in distress

Recently in KMADD Enterprise group someone asked if there are any new suits out at the moment. This find is for you Cazzo.

smart casual look suitable for evenings

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4 Minute Suzuki

I have been getting numerous request for Asian shapes. Suzuki is one of the first in the series of shapes that will appear at MADesigns store shortly.

leather biker outfit

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How to wear a hat

I remember 2 years ago when I first started in SL I went looking for a hat. My dear God that’s all I can say. And now with an introduction of sculpties we have so many of them to choose from it is absolute heaven, yet I still can get enough of hats.

From caps to fedoras – I love hats full stop. I do not wear them in Real Life much but have absolute passion for them in Second Life.

As my dear friend use to say “Ahhhh (sigh), there is something about boys with hats, tattoos and motorbikes.”

Bad ass outfit you know you want it.

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Scully JT

Don’t you love it when a celebrity wears a fashion item for which they become recognisable by, even when they have long stopped wearing it?

Justine Timberlake can just wish to be this cool.

Scully signature outfit.

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