A Dash of Colour

Introducing Twisted Lemon to MAD Image blog. Please make her feel welcome.



I was at a loss to know what to blog for my first post in such illustrious company, and its such a privilege to join the team – and then I remembered Thalia’s words…”Its not about the latest trend, its about the look you’ve put together from the things you love in your inventory.”  So here is my first post – smart-casual, silky and fun.  Inspired by the artist Miro, it’s elegant and easy.

Lady Thera 1

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Flights of Fancy

Sometimes, when you wear an outfit it captures your imagination. The aptly named Trade Winds from Icing does that for me. It’s a gown that should be worn on the deck of a luxury line cruiser as you watch the sun set over a mysterious horizon.

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