Valiant Suit

KMADD City recently held designer showcase where designers from KMADD City were invited to release new item at their store for KMADD City Anniversary. Wavie Haller from Valiant came to the party and this is his autumn suit.

casual suit

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[ akami ] ~ The Guy all the Girls Want

I have an essay due in less than three hours, a football practice to attend, and a girlfriend who needs to go shopping… without me… damn my car. I’m in my underpants, in my bedroom, finishing off the last few sentences in a piece entitled “Using examples where appropriate, discuss the geographical growth of the American oil industry and how its imprint on foreign economic success has affected the access of automobiles among young people.” … exactly, I have no idea what it means either, but its nearly done, and I need to dress the part. I need casual, I need cool, practical but nothing fussy. Admittedly my options are limited due to the fact that last fortnight of frat parties has left half my clothing missing, or altered in colour. Get ready for the speediest rush to college you ever did see.

I am that guy. The one every girl wishes to go to the prom with. The one the coach pushes too hard, and the one the guys wish they could be…

… this is the College Corridor Heart Throb. Sporty, Casual school guy wear.

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AC Punk

I am so grateful for my team of stylist who are very good in discovering new stores.

I get so excited to find new designers and help others discover them either by wearing their clothes to events, offering them a store at KAMDD City or promoting them within my shapes.

elegant punk who would have thought?

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MADesigns Special Release ~ MAD Agency tribute

MAD Agency’s popularity in the past 6 months has been extraordinary. We thank you each and every one of you that come to our shows relentlessly and bring that positive vibe that makes them such a great success.

Each background in this series features fashion set from one of our shows – Frozen Turquise Valentine (RAGE), KMADD Underwear Show (ANGELUS) and AC Store (ALEX).

I might have not told you this before but every background and style in our shapes represents a fond memory from our Second Lives. This series is that more special to us as in addition to backgrounds contains clothing worn by Maddox DuPont as a host and model for these shows.

A very special release enjoy!

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See previous post for link to rest of the fashion sets from MAD Agency Shows.

KMADD boys for Alta Moda Magazine

To get complete styling information shown on these pages, you may just need to grab a copy of ALTA Moda Magazine or see tags for Designers featured.

alta moda cover

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