“Fashion is another way to pronounce Passion…they just added style to it”
-Markski Glom

It is with great pleasure that welcome Markski Glom to MAD Image team.
Markski has been Model since 2010, he graduated from Maniera Inc. and is represented by dozens of well known agencies in the industry. Markski currently works as Producer of International Model Agency.

Blogging Background:
Menstuff Blogger – June 2011 to July 2012
Personal Blog link : markskiglom.wordpress.com

and here’s Marksi first post…

It is a great privilege to be a part of the MADesigns Team. Revitalize? Personally, my goal is to be able to impart life to the new people I am going to meet. The outfit I am wearing is a very relaxed, bright-colored, and suiting for a stroll in the park.

Style tips: Playing with “Complimentary Colors” on outfits. Male styling can be challenging when it comes to styling with colors without looking too bright or too dim. Just always remember to check a color wheel for color contrasts, so you will know which colors to match altogether. (example: Green Jacket + Orange Tie = perfect contrast).

It just takes practice…but it’s worth it.

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KMADD Lounge Official Opening

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KMADD Lounge Officially Opens this Saturday with the Launch of L’Homme style magazine for men.

L’HOMME is the mens style magazine published by our very own MAD Image stylist Zachary Zufreur and produced by ASMT publications.
L’HOMME aims to keep the men of Second Life inspired and informed on current trends in male fashion across the grid, and provide male models with an opportunity to showcase their styling abilities; hence benefiting the designers, models, and photographers as well as readers.

Meet Zachary Zufreur, creator of L’HOMME together with other designers who have recently been added to KMADD.
Designers behind the brands: Egoisme, Kal Rau, Glam Affair/ Tableau Vivant, Vaya Con Dios and of course KMADD.

Art Exhibition by Four Yip & AM Radio.
Guest DJ Aryon Dagger

Join us for relaxing afternoon and receive exclusive gift from KMADD.

See you there!

It goes…

There is a good chance that you’ve been hearing the same old fashion adages since you were little. Your mother probably cringed at the thought of white after Labor Day, and you never dared to wear a leather jacket, belt or shoes that didn’t match. What would you think if I told you many of those rules are outdated and irrelevant in the fashion world of 2011? The truth is, many of them are. One of my favorite old fashion adages is: black and brown don’t match. On the contrary: black and brown go, and look quite sophisticated, too. It’s not whether it “matches” but rather, “does it go”?

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