Steel Blue…

As I was searching for something to wear to the finals for the upcoming Mr. Virtual World next weekend, I put this look together in one of my favorite colors: blue. This took some work as pieces have been torn apart and put back together with pieces from other outfits that have various pieces attached to them

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Okay, so out of my last four or five posts, there is probably only one or two that I would actually wear on a regular basis in SL or RL. So, I thought I would blog  one of my favorite things to wear as an everyday outfit; and also, show a new skin from Lulu Jameson and his store Vaya Con Dios (VCD).

STYLE TIP: Just because it’s SL, and we can wear anything we want, doesn’t mean you always have to. Look at your RL style and find great pieces in SL that mimic your RL wardrobe.

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Winter Wonderland…

I recently posted “Judge” that contained some of the same items I wore to this year’ MAD Agency Christmas Ball shown here in this post.  I either edited the pieces by changing the color or added parts from other outfits or simply wore a different color.  I wanted to show how you could use the same items in an outfit and can change them around to create a completely different look. I hope that this clearly shows how you can create your own look for different occasions using the same items without having to purchase a whole new outfit.

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One Stop Shop…

Recently, on a shopping trip, I noticed that many stores have joined together in one central location. Although there are several different sites, this fact makes shopping a “one stop shop” for all of your favorite stores. Not only do I not have to search for different store landmarks in my inventory, I don’t have to wait and wait and wait for each store to rez once I teleport there.  I love it!

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MADmen Style

MAD Image welcomes another male stylist MarcJacobs Sadofsky. MarcJacobs brings his unique image and vision on today’s men’s fashion. Please make him feel welcome ladies and gents.

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The Essential 4B’s.

Which are, of course, Berets, Belts, Bags and Boots. And of these, Boots are the ultimate B.  Kalnin’s Digna has a colour change option on all parts of the boot,  which means you can match them to just about anything,  a most desirable attribute.

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