KMADD New Releases ~ Complete Avatars + Skin


KMADD Complete Avatars ~ LOGAN

KMADD Complete Avatars ~ CAESAR

KMADD Complete Avatars ~ ARES

New Skins from AKERUKA are now available @ KMADD.

In this week’s release we would like to also introduce you to ARES, CAESAR and LOGAN Complete Avatars we made for each skin with more avatars on their way.

KMADD Complete Avatar package contains:

  • Skin
  • Shape
  • Hair
  • Eyes
  • Eyebrows / Jaw Shapes
  • Eyelashes
  • Hairbase (where applicable)

Meet the Boys…

ARES Complete Avatar has soft boyish features and build – he is blonde and beautiful.

CAESAR Complete Avatar is muscular, dark and mysterious. Edgy avatar suited to tough guys seeking refinement.

LOGAN Complete Avatar has classic appearance, he is a perfect gentlemen and has class and style. Big brown green eyes exude innocence and firm presence.

Few reasons why you may like to consider KMADD Complete Avatars:

  • Our Shapes are MODIFY
  • SKIN, HAIR, EYES & HAIR BASE are all included in the Complete Avatar package.
  • BONUS: Hide Eyelashes Alpha + MADesigns EYELASHES ~ Naturale + Jaw/Eyebrow Shaper
  • All items are adjusted and ready to wear – just add clothing!
  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT – if you need help or modification they are included in the price.

We would love you to meet your new You – so visit KMADD today and try a DEMO with skin – you will not be disappointed.

If you need additional facial hair and skin tones for your avatar – you can purchase them directly from KMADD Store.

Thanks goes to Kaoz Koba (owner of AKERUKA) for allowing KMADD to showcase his creations and participating in KMADD Complete Avatar collaboration.

For skin inquiries please contact Kaoz Koba for anything else please IM Maddox DuPont in-world.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this new release from KMADD. We have many more surprises in store for you coming soon, so subscribe and stay in touch.

SHAPE & HAIR: Modify | Copy  |  No Transfer

GACHA: Modify | Copy  |  Transfer

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