And may the odds be ever in your favor…

Gearing up for this year’s Hunger Games, don’t let the Tributes outshine you!  After all, the Capitol twinkles like a vast field of fireflies…so it’s residents really ought to shine.

STYLE TIPS: Don’t be afraid to make little tweaks to your shape to make clothing or shoes work better!  Just make sure to save a copy of your original shape before you get too slider-happy!

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Big City Chic

MAD Image is very happy to introduce a new blogger to our fold, December Dollinger! This lovely jack of many trades has impressed us for years with her skill as a model and creator. Her flickr is a mix of both fashion and fun and she is regularly featured in TooSexy Magazine. We hope you enjoy her take on SL style as much as I know we will.

Welcome to MAD Image December!

Any outing is an excuse to wow the world.  Strut into the city in style in gorgeous rigged mesh and more!

STYLE TIP: Don’t be afraid to tint accessories so that they better fit your needs.  Just make sure to make a copy first!

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Neutral Chic

KMADD is proud to introduce our latest MAD Image Stylist: Carley Benazzi.

Carley is well known in the industry as an accomplished model with MAD Agency and Modavia. In 2012 she is the recognized Miss Virtual South Africa, placing 4th in the Miss Virtual World Pageant, and earning the title of Photogenic Miss Virtual 2012. Her sense of style and graceful demeanor has brought her far in the world of Second Life fashion and we look forward to seeing what this talented lady brings to the table. Welcome Carley!

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This outfit in it’s vivid color palette reminds me of a garden. “Sono” is the Japanese word for “garden”.

“suzushisa wa
mizu yori fukashi
aki no sora”

Ah, for coolness,

it rivals the water’s depth –
this autumn sky.

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Sea Green

I’ve been looking for something to showcase this necklace from Paper Couture – or perhaps collar would be a better word, and I found it in the lovely new Bliss Couture gown – Bora.

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Coif hair has returned! The talented Paulie Tamale is back in SL with all new retextured Coif hair. Welcome back Paulie, you were missed!

Just click on Paulie’s profile for the new store location, right next door to Chapeau tres Mignon.

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Simple Classic Black

Black has always been a difficult color to wear, and it’s hard to avoid looking like a walking inkblot.

Two designers have come up with stylish solutions in their textures.

Takuya Jinn, of Gabriel has this “High Neck Sweater” in a ribbed black on black pattern, which comes in a sleeveless style shown here, full length sleeves or a mini top. The necklace and roll-neck collar come as a single attachment and you also have the option of wearing just the roll-neck collar without the necklace.

The new release pencil skirt from Coco, has a subtle black and grey broad stripe, matching belt and fine button and seam details on the waistline.

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