NEW Female Shapes for Lion Skins @ MADesigns

Just recently, we have received an invitation from KA Skins, LBD & Lion Skins and MMS to open our store on their sim. As a show of appreciation for their generosity we have decided to work on exclusive collection of female shapes to suit these wonderful skins. In next few days we will be showing you what we came up with.

Second shape collection is for Lion Skins. More shapes are to come and they will be available at LBD sim.

Special thanks to Thalia Jie who’s styling genius has ensured that ladies look not only gorgeous but they have found the place on our walls much quicker than if I was styling them.

Thalia Jie works as stylist & model for KMADD and is regular contributor on MAD Image blog.

New Female Releases @ MADesigns

After the LBD Show I felt so inspired with Leezu’s Noir dresses that once she has sent me her entire collection, there was no excuse but to make few ladies of classical beauty. New MMS Zero provided excellent touch of maturity and class.

I would also like to thank Thalia Jie who provided styling for these 2 dresses, originally posted on FACES blog.