MECHANISM Show follow up notes and what I wore

On Saturday, MAD Agency presented Mechanism Fashion Show featuring designs of Kobe Flatley.

In this post you will find links to show photos, MAD Agency Mechanism Set and Music play list.

As always I show you what I wore as a host of the show and you also get to preview new hair from MADesigns.

Casual everyday.

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You might have heard, but I have been busy for whole last week with building Alice in Wonderland across 2 sims for Kirk Claymore’s (my partner) rezz day event. Kirk’s birthday party has always been a huge KMADD event as this social butterfly is loved by many, especially by me who always likes to go out of his way on this day by making something special for him.

This time is no different and guest will be treated to 2 sims set at Costa Rica filled with surreal wonders: mazes, landscapes of exquisite beauty, stoned caterpillars, peculiar tea party, army of cards, flood of tears and rabbits that are running late.

Well this is how I look when I am at work.

casual work gear

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Warm Cool

Creating a personal style does not have to be expensive. You only need few pieces and combination of those with new items you enjoy wearing and you have style that is both recognisable and still appears fresh.

Casual comfort

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MADesigns Special Release ~ MAD Agency tribute

MAD Agency’s popularity in the past 6 months has been extraordinary. We thank you each and every one of you that come to our shows relentlessly and bring that positive vibe that makes them such a great success.

Each background in this series features fashion set from one of our shows – Frozen Turquise Valentine (RAGE), KMADD Underwear Show (ANGELUS) and AC Store (ALEX).

I might have not told you this before but every background and style in our shapes represents a fond memory from our Second Lives. This series is that more special to us as in addition to backgrounds contains clothing worn by Maddox DuPont as a host and model for these shows.

A very special release enjoy!

(Click to enlarge)

See previous post for link to rest of the fashion sets from MAD Agency Shows.

KMADD boys for Alta Moda Magazine

To get complete styling information shown on these pages, you may just need to grab a copy of ALTA Moda Magazine or see tags for Designers featured.

alta moda cover

< see this sexy editorial for Alta Moda – after the jump >

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