The Hunger Games is making its way to SL this weekend as KMADD ushers in the look of Capitol Couture.  Join us this Saturday at 12 p.m. SLT and let the games begin!

STYLE TIPS: If you are looking to make a dramatic statement, it is often best accomplished by incorporating one or two accent pieces.  A bright, colorful accessory can really top off an outfit and help you achieve a look that is completely capitol couture.

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Home Is Where The Hearth Is

While winter has never been one of my favorite seasons, one of the benefits that cold weather brings is the arrival of winter clothes.  I love to capture the feel of the season in SL by utilizing all of my clothing layer options.  Layers help give an outfit depth and allow us to incorporate so many varying looks into an ensemble.  Throw a roaring fire into the equation and you can stay warm no matter how cold it looks outside!

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Oh! Mr Hart!

Hart Larsson, the creator of PXL skins has released his new range of skins, called “July” and they are simply magnificent with beautiful depth of shading and subtle details.


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Casual Suit

New MADesigns Hair – JAMES. The semi-long hair-style is Cool.


It is the suit which is casual from Meriken Co.
The underpants hem is made roll-up.
The sneakers are new works of hoorenbeek.
Sneakers and a suit match a bare foot well
A bag is a new work of the a.C Store spring



Skin: a.C Store ~ GloX – Venus Spring.Sup.TAN T#2 EB.a Bald

Hair: MADesigns Hair ~ JAMES ~ SBR III

Eyes: MADesign ~ PROMISE eyes – blue pale 8


Jaket: Meriken Co ~  Gingham suits Jacket Gray

Pants: Meriken Co ~ Gingham suits Pants Gray

Tie: Meriken Co ~ Bow Tie

Shirt: Meriken Co ~ ELESE White

Sneakers:  hoorenbeek ~  Pegasus – White/Red

Bag: a.C Store ~ BACK.pack [SAFARI.line]ELEPHANT.Purple