Thank you so much to everyone that was able to come and join our ONCE UPON A TIME Fairy Tale event.

It was amazing to see some absolutely stunning looks on display, sheer demonstration of creativeness and imagination is what brings us back to Second Life daily. And amazing people of course!

We hope you will join us at our next big event and shows. Please join KMADD Enterprise group for updates.

Till then…

Visit KMADD Flickr for complete slideshow from Once Upon A Time event.

Visit ONCE UPON A TIME sim in Second Life and experience the magic for yourself. Sim will stay open till futher notice, so go on and explore!

KMADD’s Once Upon A Time Fairy Tale Ball is TODAY!

Once Upon a Time…

There was a world where people come from all sides of the Earth to find hope, love and celebrate life!

But there is a world within this world which not many have access to and in this world


How will it all end?

Will Good win once again over Evil.

You must choose a side: Villain or Hero

and come and find out


KMADD’s Once Upon A Time Fairy Tale Ball

this is where the final battle of Good Vs Evil will play out till the end

Magical World of Once Upon A Time realized and created by Maddox DuPont

with help from Eve Petlyakov and Elicio Ember (Cerridwen’s Cauldron) who provided sim elements.

DJ Anubis Darkwatch & DJ Kiana Lexenstar

and of course our sponsors


Cerridwen’s Cauldron created by Elicio Ember, specializes on grid famous interactive fantasy flora, architecture and landscaping.
Featured in many fantasy, sci-fi, role playing sims and spiritual oriented locations, SIM landscaper on the Fantasy Faire 2011 and FF 2012 and featured on many net-blogs and clips, CC has become the venue to go to for high quality fantasy items.

KMADD would like to thank Elicio Ember for his generous donation of all the wonderful elements you will see at our sim, that helped us bring magic of fairy tale to you.

Visit Cerridwen’s Cauldron on Marketplace


Egoisme specializes in wonderfully exotic skins perfect for role play.

KMADD’s Fairy Tale Ball ~ ONCE UPON A TIME…

Please join KMADD Enterprise group in-world for your exclusive invitation with a landmark to this magical event.

Sim Build by Maddox DuPont & Eve Petlyakov

DJ Anubis Darkwatch

DJ Kiana Lexenstar

Event Sponsors:

Cerridwen’s Cauldron
(for everything fantasy)


Last Day to visit KMADD’s Fairy Tale sim

Save the date…

This Saturday March 17th is KMADD’s Once Upon A Time Fairy Tale themed event. Invitation is to follow.

We have created a fairy tale inspired romantic sim which was open to public for the past month, featuring our fantasy characters (shapes).

Today is your last chance to visit our sim and take photos before we start preparing for this weekend’s event.

Visit KMADD’s Once Upon a Time sim.