Warm Cool

Creating a personal style does not have to be expensive. You only need few pieces and combination of those with new items you enjoy wearing and you have style that is both recognisable and still appears fresh.

Casual comfort

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Buck Steel

KMADD City 1st Anniversary weekend is finally over and we had a total blast.

“Boogie Nights” themed event attracted porn stars like Maximus Fussynuts and Lafta Faque. Among them was my cowboy stallion, timeless Marlboro prime beef – Buck Steel.

This post is full of hard muscle – you have been warned.

cowboy outfit

< flex it baby to get style info >

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AC Punk

I am so grateful for my team of stylist who are very good in discovering new stores.

I get so excited to find new designers and help others discover them either by wearing their clothes to events, offering them a store at KAMDD City or promoting them within my shapes.

elegant punk who would have thought?

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