MECHANISM Show follow up notes and what I wore

On Saturday, MAD Agency presented Mechanism Fashion Show featuring designs of Kobe Flatley.

In this post you will find links to show photos, MAD Agency Mechanism Set and Music play list.

As always I show you what I wore as a host of the show and you also get to preview new hair from MADesigns.

Casual everyday.

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Big trouble in little Ahern

As a child of the eighties I have a deep affinity for all the bad action movies of that era: from the likes of Carl Weather in Action Jackson, Kurt Russell in Big trouble in Little China, [Insert any Chuck Norris related movie here]… Most of my favourite movies which qualify for the so-bad-it’s-almost-good award contain action hero legend Mr. Sly Stallone. So with my favourite freebie hair in tow, and a crazy Danish chick at my side (don’t ask where I’m packing my cigs), I enter into my killing spree with sly-style.

<Click on for more details. (medallion-wearing men need not apply)>

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Beach Boy

Last days of beach are upon us, summer is moving to its destined end. Some may welcome the change. Here at KMADD City we embraced summer one last time with WIPEOUT Men’s Swimwear Show.

This is the outfit I wore after the show while we partied and danced on the beach.

Surfs up fellas!

Summer surfer outfit.

< get the style make a splash >

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Rasta d’ Red Locks

I’ve never been to tropics and often wonder what would be like. Hot?

Style with dreads for tropic escapade.

< get style details after the jump >’

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