KMADD releases for THE 24 – exclusives & gachas

KMADD Hair ~ TROY ~ Black & Blonde

KMADD Hair ~ TROY ~ Blonde & Black

KMADD Hair ~ TROY ~ Brown & Blonde

KMADD Hair ~ TROY ~ Red & Blonde

KMADD Hair ~ TROY ~ Multi-Color

KMADD Hair ~ LUCAS ~ Black & White

KMADD Hair ~ LUCAS ~ Brown & Blonde

KMADD Hair ~ LUCAS ~ Red & Intense Red

KMADD Hair ~ LUCAS ~ Silver & White

KMADD Hair ~ LUCAS ~ Yellow & Pink

KMADD Hair ~ TAS ~ Black & Blue

KMADD Hair ~ TAS ~ Black & Green

KMADD Hair ~ TAS ~ Black & Orange

KMADD Hair ~ TAS ~ Black & Pink

KMADD Hair ~ TAS ~ Black & Yellow

KMADD Hair ~ CAM Club Black ~ AQUA

KMADD Hair ~ CAM Club Black ~ BLUE

KMADD Hair ~ CAM Club Black ~ GOLD

KMADD Hair ~ CAM Club Black ~ GREEN

KMADD Hair ~ CAM Club Black ~ MAROON

KMADD Hair ~ CAM Club Black ~ PINK

KMADD Hair ~ CAM Club Black ~ RED

KMADD Hair ~ CAM Club Black ~ SILVER

KMADD Hair ~ CAM Club Black ~ SKY

KMADD Hair ~ CAM Club Black ~ YELLOW

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KMADD is proud sponsor of Siren Productions THE 24 Event happening from today will the end of the month – one week only! Experience events, fashion shows and 4 sims of limited editions, gachas and rare items – male & female, poses, home.

Read press release here.

For THE 24 KMADD is releasing 4 new hair styles (one of them mesh) which have been hand textured with wild color combos that you will not find in our natural hair color release that will follow at the end of the event in our main store.

Gacha’s are TRANSFER and priced at only 70L – play to get CAM hair or rare item: TROY Multi-Color.

Our limited releases only 50 to be sold are: TROY Black & Blonde & LUCAS Black & White.

So hurry and get to the event and purchase some unique items that not many people will have.

Visit KMADD @ THE 24

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Due to the nature of our products please enable mature content.

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kmadd Hair


kmadd Hair

kmadd Hair

kmadd Hair