In the summer, there’s nothing like being your own boss!

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[ akami ] ~ Can’t rain all the time

Well I don’t think I have worn this much leather since… well I think since I wore long flexi hair, cowboy boots and a skin with no belly button but we shall not go there right now. I fancied a change from my multi-coloured look and since Maddox had just finished his awesome JIN hair, it sparked a need in me, to break out the leather boots and chains.

I’m going to classify this as a goth look, even though it’s probably not. Apologies to any REAL goths out there!

Urban Goth(ish) Casual Wear.

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KMADD’s 1st Anniversary celebrations began with Rawly & Natalie’s: UNMUTED Talk Show with our KMADD Staff. Of course Kirk and I were one of the quests and this is what I wore for the event.

rock star outfit with an attitude

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