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Somewhere Down in Texas…

When I look South and see the storm clouds roll, on their way to old Mexico, I don’t wanna be alone. And the rays of light through my Shiner Bock bottle make me wanna turn the key and put down the throttle and get lost down 35. When I get too tied down by the ties that bind, seems like I’m never going to find the time to do what I need: that’s to find me a place where I can think, talk about love, and laugh and drank and there’s someone there who cares. Cause no matter how big the storms, I know I can find me a place that’s warm: the sun is shinning somewhere in Texas. I hope its shinning on her, somewhere down in Texas.

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One Stop Shop…

Recently, on a shopping trip, I noticed that many stores have joined together in one central location. Although there are several different sites, this fact makes shopping a “one stop shop” for all of your favorite stores. Not only do I not have to search for different store landmarks in my inventory, I don’t have to wait and wait and wait for each store to rez once I teleport there.  I love it!

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Legend of Shikigami

Shikigami are the summoned spirits of a Japanese sorcerer (onmyouji). Shikigami are used to protect and serve their master, much like the Western concept of the wizard’s familiar.

There are many types of shikigami described in legend, the most common type being enchanted paper cutouts that can produce the illusion of another real-life object.

Shikigami cannot be seen by most people. At the onmyouji command, they take a variety of human or animal forms, possess or bewitch people, and even cause bodily harm or death.

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