Tableau Vivant

In French, Tableau Vivant means “Living Picture”. Living pictures are in essence a display of life’s many layers. In all the surrounding layers, people long to be noticed, and what better way but to use layers to your advantage? With just a touch of layering in your look, you can add interest. Double shirts for men and women seem to be a trend in SL that is here to stay for a while. The crisp texturing with the organic shapes of the sculpted arm and doubled hem pieces make for quite a show in an effortless way.

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Leaving on a Jet Plane

As I was making this outfit, I was getting ready to travel in real life to go see Spudgy. So that’s where I drew my inspiration from. I love the boots from J’s, especially for bigger girls because they come with a wide option! Hope you like.

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Vitalic Diamonds

MAD Image is proud to introduce new stylist Alexandria Paine. Alexandria is new to blogging and brings her unique styles that are girly and fun. Watch out for her crazy poses!

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