NEW Shapes @ MADesigns

If you ever wondered what skins do models and stylists use well this collection of shapes is for you. Unique looks are achieved with superb combination of skin, hair and eyes that MADesigns Shapes have, add great stylist and you have virtually real person in front of you.

No one would be able to resist your wholesomeness and when it comes to annihilating competition (model search, beauty pageant) you will have the right stuff with MADesigns Shapes.

All MADesigns Female Shapes are styled by our very own KMADD stylist and writer for MAD Image blog – Thalia Jie. MADesigns eyes worn by our shapes is sold separately on level 3 and 4 of MADesigns store.

NEW Female Shapes @ MADesigns

I have made a promise to my ladies that I will tripple my female collection of shapes this year and it is promise that I intend to keep.

Our collection for skin designers continue with 5 new model shapes for Lion Skin release that happened just this weekend. Skins are in store now and so are the shapes – both can be found in one place at Lion Skins sim.

New shapes are also available on level 3 of MADesigns store.

All Shapes are styled by our very own KMADD Stylist Thalia Jie – to make an appointment with Thalia or any other stylist from MAD Image check our services page.

MADesigns Special Release ~ MAD Agency tribute

MAD Agency’s popularity in the past 6 months has been extraordinary. We thank you each and every one of you that come to our shows relentlessly and bring that positive vibe that makes them such a great success.

Each background in this series features fashion set from one of our shows – Frozen Turquise Valentine (RAGE), KMADD Underwear Show (ANGELUS) and AC Store (ALEX).

I might have not told you this before but every background and style in our shapes represents a fond memory from our Second Lives. This series is that more special to us as in addition to backgrounds contains clothing worn by Maddox DuPont as a host and model for these shows.

A very special release enjoy!

(Click to enlarge)

See previous post for link to rest of the fashion sets from MAD Agency Shows.