Bring Back The Punk!

Todays post like the title says, is reminiscent of the old punk style. To achieve this “time-traveling” experience, I decided to invite Ms. Dahlia Joubert to be my co-captain on this journey and she gladly acepted.

I hope you all Enjoy, Have a great Weekend…

..Rock ON!

<complete style credits after the jump>

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Live to dress another day

*Eagerly opens the invite to the Kmadd city opening*
Rizza: Lookit! The invitation has arrived!
*sits down and starts reading*
Faint: What’s the theme?!
Rizza: Bond… 😀
Faint: Oh! I saw a great dress at Muism I could wear
Rizza: Yea, you’d look hawt fosho
Faint: Nu Uuuuuu!
Rizza: Wait a second.. I would as well…
*light bulb*
Faint: You thinking what I’m thinking?!
Rizza: What that the cake is a lie?! *shakes his fist*
*Faint pulls Rizza close and whispers in his ear*
*Rizza makes an ‘O’ face* …(nooo not THAT ‘O’ face–the other one.)

<Read on as I stumble and fall out of my comfort zone…>

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