My beach look II

Another variation of  my beach look featuring some of my favourites from Gabriel, Vitamen, Lapointe & Bastchild, Vaya Con Dios, Dura, MADesings & SLink.

Note: 50% discount for selected Gabriel outfit! Best time to stock up your inventory with Gabriel’s amazing outfit!

Available at Mimi’s Choice @

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My beach party look

Simple yet effective combination for beach party.

Putting together some amazing products from Vaya Con Dios, LuTimez, Kumaki, SLink, MADesigns, Connors for this look. Also featuring beautiful pose from Diesel Works.

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An angry storm rose from the north like a shadow over the land as cracks broke the earth, hellfire sparking between them. where the cracks began the earth fell, giving way to a Dark rider and his steed who rode on under a red moon to collect the souls of the living. – Artanis


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