KMADD Moda Accessories & Gacha for The Rockabilly Fashion Fair

KMADD Moda ~ Rockabilly Badges Gachas

KMADD Moda ~ Rockabilly Bandaids Gachas

KMADD Moda ~ Rockabilly Ties

Few more items for the Rockabilly Fashion Fair from KMADD Moda.

Rockabilly ties can be found @ The Rockabilly Fashion Fair.

Badges and Band-aids Gachas were removed by organizers of the fair as Gachas were not allowed due to scripts.

We have set them up these items back at our main store – you can find them at landing point.

Visit KMADD Main Store

All items are 100% mesh.

CLOTHING: No Modify | Copy | No Transfer

APPEARANCE PRODUCTS: Modify | Copy  |  No Transfer

GACHA: Modify | Copy  |  Transfer

Visit KMADD Main Store

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