Zero Style

It was an evening of the grand opening. I surely was gonna be there. We are friends, we support each other. Through thick and through thin. That’s what friends do.

Who are your friends?

Stylish semi formal look with an attitude.

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I wanted to wear Grandma jacket since I bought it. That pink and shine of its material attracted me the most. The problem was what to wear underneath.

I really do not know how I think of these things but when you have 70K+ inventory which has seen better days in terms of it’s organisation – let me tell you it is not easy to think of the items that you can wear with this or that. Yet somehow I always manage to pull it off, possibly because I almost always these days work on instinct rather rely on memory or what I feel obliged to feature.

Luckily for me I actually do socialize in Second Life to have reasons to dress up all the time. The fun part about this is that depending on the theme you always know what most people would wear, which forces you to stay ahead of the game and find a different way to wear things.

Now this is where attitude comes in. If you can wear something in a new and innovative ways, you will surely avoid looking like Ken, you know that perfect catalogue (from the box) boy that everyone looks like.

Attitude and sense of style comes from the way you wear things not only combine them.

I make a great deal of effort not to criticise other people’s work on my blog – especially when I am using it to dress myself. It is bit hypocritical don’t you think? I say if your wish list about the item is so long why the hell you even bother wearing it?

We at MAD Image like to focus on bringing item’s strenghts forward when we are showing them to you. Instead we are letting you decide if you can live with item’s deficiencies and let’s face it every item has it.

You do not need a fashion expert to tell you if something is textured well or if seams look good etc. We can see it, we all have eyes. Let’s stop patronising our readers and get on with making most of what we got. Let’s stop being political and start doing things because we love them.

Ok that was not the attitude I was talking about, just needed to get it off my chest.

Back to the outfit.

So while my lovely jacket was a definite yes for this afternoon/evening, I noticed a slight imperfection around its collar – one side was cut on a different angle than the other.

No matter what shirt I tried on, it always looked unbalanced. So to bridge that “gap” I decided to use Armidi. You probably can’t even recognise this shirt without it’s huge collar but that’s the shirt I am wearing underneath. I removed it’s collar which perfectly balanced my jacket collar while showing detail of my shirt underneath as well. I also kept sculptie sleeves, rolled sleeves of my jacket up (via appearance) and got perfectly balanced look I was looking for.

It was a smooth ride from there on. White shoes & pants from Redgrave maintained this bright, fresh look. My hair had to be confident and Truth’s James had a perfect color & style to match the tone of my MMS Zero skin. Necklace with brown tones and splash of different color on my bracelet, both from Mhaijik, added great detail to this outfit.

Few weeks later I made a shape with clothing I was wearing that night.

Slater is available in our Young & Slim collection level 3 of MADesigns store @ KMADD City.

Please visit Designer Directory for store locations.


SKIN: MMSmanZERO ~ sun/kissed-chest1-bald-dark-face4

HAIR: TRUTH ~ James – Honey

EYES: MADesigns PROMISE eyes ~ brown pale 2


SHIRT: ARMIDI ~ {Gisaci} Cambridge Cuffed Shirt Top – Ajan Pink ( use only shirt layer and sleeves – NOT collar)

JACKET: GRANDMA ~ R&B-stripe-jacket(M)


SHOES: REDGRAVE ~ Shoe Leather white

ACCESSORIES: G Neck Earthquartz Mns Sz

Mhaijik – 3 Block Ocean Blue Cord Bracelet – Lg sz


LIGHTING: FaceFX Designer v1.3

One response to “Zero Style

  1. I was trying to find grandma’s to get that awesome pink striped jacket and alas the shop is either gone or moved. can you help find the new location

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