KMADD’s 1st Anniversary celebrations began with Rawly & Natalie’s: UNMUTED Talk Show with our KMADD Staff. Of course Kirk and I were one of the quests and this is what I wore for the event.

rock star outfit with an attitude

< skid for the style info >

Developing your own personal style does not always have to be hard, especially in Second Life. With great designers bringing out some of the classic elements of Real Life fashion it has become more possible to dress for the occasion and to match our own personal preference.

Choosing an outfit for a talk show event was all about standing out and promoting my style by expressing the personality behind the avatar.

I put together few things that I love wearing and went for black and white theme. Since the talk show set was quite colorful black and white was a safe choice as it would go with all the colors.


Certain designers like REDGRAVE offer accessories with their clothing. Be on the look out for those that you can use in the outfits without having to wear the item of clothing that comes with it. In this case, pocket chain was what I used.

Great accessories go a long way in one outfit. Scarfs, sunglasses, jewelry, arm bands etc. add personality to your style. Choose the ones that go perfectly with what you are wearing but make you stay true to your personal style.

I decided to wear the tattoo underneath the T-shirt and for this I wanted something that was not covering my whole arm since I did not want tattoo to look like a net and become clothing, instead subtly protruding under my sleeves adding that extra dimension of realism to my outfit.

I matched the shininess in the jacket in my shoes and pants which unified all the elements well.

With no prim spared this outfit made me feel like a true rock star.

Please visit Designer Directory for store locations.


SKIN: Belleza ~ Ewan tan 6-E

HAIR: Find Ash ~ High Wind[Neo Black]

EYES: MADesigns ~ NATURALS – happy blue pale eyes

TATTOO: Titan by iNFLiCT


JACKET: Muism ~ Biker Vest/White

TSHIRT: Muism ~ Deep V Tee/Black (shirt layer)

PANTS: Muism ~ Leather Trouser /Pure white

SHOES: REDGRAVE ~ Cowboy Loafer -White- //L

NAILS: SiniStyle ~ Taped Fingers & Black Nails (Index, Middle, Pinky)

BRACELET: Rawdolls ~  Nuthin’ but Trinkets

JHZ ~ Hi-Class Bracelet L

SCARF: Muism ~ Scarf _Dark silk_Short

GLASSES: FNKY! ~ MegaStar Glasses (Black/Black)\

CHAIN:  REDGRAVE ~ Key Chain -Silver-  // R

RING: Mhaijik ~ Titanium Sleek Ring Mns Sz

EARINGS: Muism ~ Jewelled Stud/silver.black [5mm]_Right

Style/Model/Photography: Maddox DuPont

2 responses to “UNMUTED

  1. You bad boy, yow! 🙂

    I really liked your choice of outfit, and you contrasted well with Kirk’s dressiness. I also love when designers include acessories. In my case, my favorite is the silver pocket watch that comes with Redgrave’s “Elegance” suit. It worked well with the modern Victorian theme I had for the Alphamale and Black Lace show.

  2. You ARE a rockstar. Outstanding choices. Since I decided to check in regularly I’m learning so much about SL designers and can pick out their styles on avis around the grid. What a marvelous game!

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