You might have heard, but I have been busy for whole last week with building Alice in Wonderland across 2 sims for Kirk Claymore’s (my partner) rezz day event. Kirk’s birthday party has always been a huge KMADD event as this social butterfly is loved by many, especially by me who always likes to go out of his way on this day by making something special for him.

This time is no different and guest will be treated to 2 sims set at Costa Rica filled with surreal wonders: mazes, landscapes of exquisite beauty, stoned caterpillars, peculiar tea party, army of cards, flood of tears and rabbits that are running late.

Well this is how I look when I am at work.

casual work gear

I usually take about 2 days (16hrs each) to make a set and then keep adding and taking things away for weeks on end till it is all done. In between I like to break it up with making shapes, poses or whatever I find inspired with. So is the life of Maddox DuPont.

I am showing you here new shirt from Mechanism, Kobe is back from lil’ holiday and is starting to create again, thank goodness. I thought we lost him to real life there for a second.

The Oi shirt is surely homage to my home country Australia – Aussie Aussie Aussie – oi oi oi. Although it might be a tease at Tango who he is really good friends with. Oi Oi Oi is so red neck and bit trashy but so bloody Aussie at the same time.

Great prim work, Kobe is definitely more confident with his sculpties this time around. Collar fits perfectly around your neck, really nice shape which is rare to see. I think Muism and now Kobe make the best ones.

Love the patches, small pocket and missed button – nice details. I paired this with belt from Blitzed, cowboy boots (shit kickers) and Argrace cap for that macho look.

It is girl friendly outfit – actually very friendly.

Similar look in our store…


SKIN: REDGRAVE ~ 03B Jan Tanned Skin / bald hair / unshaved 2

HAIR: ARGRACE ~ Baseball Cap -Curly -Black

EYES: True Blue realistic eyes by MADesigns


JEANS: The Zoo ~ AirPirate Pants

SHIRT: Mechanism ~ Oi Shirt – black


BELT: *BLITZED* Vagrant Belt (M)

5 responses to “Machonism

  1. oh shit he told me to wait – yes this shirt is not out yet

    Kobe will release it in a day or 2 he was taking photos for his vendors in my studio today – new jacket is coming as well which is looking good but I loved this shirt!

    so sorry I did not mention that in the post.

  2. Oooooo Maddox showing stuff he was told to wait! 🙂

    Man, that is a sweet outfit. I particularly love that shirt and you will likely see me in it once it gets released. Even without the belt, I could very well see that outfit on any number of blue collar workers in RL.

  3. Yes Maddox has a bit of a problem doing what he is not told to do hahah!

    The shirt AND the jacket are out allready!!!

    Thank you for the nice review Maddox and for your nice comments guys.

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