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HAIR: MADesigns Hair ~ COLT – Dark Brown l

SKIN:  LaVie ~ Savon – Chin Beard Normal (H)

EYES: MADesigns EYES ~ Promise – Brown 14


JACKET: [NSD] ~ Ember Cardigan – black, jacket layer

SHIRT: Vitamen ~ VinylBoy Tank – Thicken_02A – Black, shirt layer/pants layer

PANTS: Havana ~ Checkmate Pants – black/red, underwear layer

BELT: Adjunct – Armando Jean – Belt, color changed to Burnt Umber

SHOES: DECO ~ Test Boots – Black, tinted darker

SUNGLASSES: Kumaki glasses style ~ Deeper 1.00 – frames black/lenses red

TATTOO: AITUI TATTOO ~ Star Stratus v.2 fresh – undershirt layer

FACIAL PIERCING: =Razorblade Jacket= ~ Sweet Spiked Face – adjusted to fit face

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