Cyber Angel

This world is not like our own as much as we try to make it that way. When we are here we can be anyone that we wish to be and go to places unknown to most men.

An outfit for those celestial journeys.

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As a content creator you can get carried away in photoshop and doing work in-world that you may forget completely how wondrous Second Life really is.

I have been meaning to visit Shinda for quite some time now and one night with some spare time up my sleeve (which is extremely rare) I decided to go there. How glad I was that I did!

I spent nearly 5hrs relaxing in Shinda orbiting around planets and doing tai chi on the top of what it seemed meteor rock surrounded with stars & celestial bodies while listening to most soothing music. They played my favourite Future Sound of London – respects!

(click the image to enlarge)

The outfit I am presenting to you today came as an inspiration after visiting Shinda , which was helped with a plead from a dear friend of mine Angelus who also wanted a crazy outfit like the one I was wearing when we visited that day (shown above).

I have been a fan of BARE ROSE since I came to Second Life. Bare Rose outfits are unlike any other and you will always find elements that you can use in your outfits, no matter what occasion. You just need to be creative and appropriate of course.

I rarely do custom shapes since they are time consuming and do not give much return on time invested, but sometimes doing good deeds especially for a friend is all the return you need.

The shape I am showing you is a custom shape for Angelus made specifically to match the style of his outfit.

My intention was to create a confident guy with perfect masculine features, with Hollywood Action Hero Super Star quality.

The outfit was results of couple of hours of work as I had to try around 10 Bare Rose ensembles to decide what to keep while allowing the theme to emerge. And this was just clothing – accessories came later.

As you know I am not a great fan of buying something and simply wearing a whole thing, so all the clothing elements that you see here come from various packs but work together as a whole so you would not be blamed for mistaking them as part of one purchase.

Expensive – yes!

Original – for sure!

Please visit our Designer Directory for store locations.


SKIN: -Belleza- Ewan tan 7

EYES: *Sin Skins* Intense Obsidian Eyes

HAIR: *TRUTH* James – Black


From ::: B@R ::: Hell Fire (pack) used
::: B@R ::: Hell Fire Necklace (Chest)
::: B@R ::: Hell Fire Black Vest (Spine)

From ::: B@R ::: Metal Arms (pack) used
::: B@R ::: Cyborg Arms Jacket

From ::: B@R ::: Metal Shirts (pack) used
::: B@R ::: Metal Shirts Shirt

From ::: B@R ::: Necromancer (pack) used
::: B@R ::: Necromancer Black/Brown Forearm
::: B@R ::: Necromancer EyePatch
::: B@R ::: Necromancer ExRival

From ::: B@R ::: Demonkin (pack) used
::: B@R ::: Demonkin Gold Head
::: B@R ::: Demonkin Red Pants

From cyber bunker cb2 whyte (pack) used
scb2-whyte Gloves


[/AMBUSH/] Polymer Kneepads

<TheAbyss> Survival Gas Mask [Distressed] [Unisex]

Primitive Design_Piercing Eye Brow (worn on left ear) from Primitive Design_Naughty Girl Piercing Set (unisex)

[T.KING] Spiked Bracers
[T.KING] Reload Belt
[T.KING] Oblivion Axes (not shown in the picture)

SHOES: [AM] Road Warrior Boots

Style/Photography: Maddox DuPont

Model: Custom Shape by MADesigns

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