Formal Cool

You might have realised by now that in comparison to me, Kirk has more preppy formal style in this equation. I sit directly opposite to him so at times it can be a struggle of fitting our styles together. Somehow, we always manage to do it.

When it comes to opposites attract our relationship and this outfit have plenty of it.

Formal yet cool.

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I went to Giusia today following on tip from Nicholai Shepherd, one of MAD Agency Models and also stylist for KMADD. What I like about this kid is that he notices both male and female fashion and loves discovering new stores. Watch out for Nicholai’s posts on MAD Image as he has unique take on fashion.

So, Nicholai sends me to Giusia where I met the designer after buying a few items. Giusia Ethaniel makes female skins and clothing with her male range being most promising. It is here that I found these black jeans that I really love. Perfect compliment to my boots they came from a preppy set with knit over shirt and tie , which I decided not to use. Lovely items but I needed something edgy.

We are still recycling items from previous outfits, remember the object of the game is to use at least 1 item from what you wore the time before; in my case it is this scarf, gloves, sunglasses, cig, and ring – 5 items! Using more than one item is perfectly ok as long as you do not look completely the same. For example, here we got sunglasses featured under a hat, thus giving sunglasses a completely new shape.

Something that I wanted to do since I got REDGRAVE’s tux was wear tux jacket on a bare chest. You can just imagine how well that silk collar would feel on a bare chest. To supply a good amount of friction I added some body hair and rosary under the scarf, with nice tattoo to frame it. Choosing the right tattoo was a grueling process as most were too busy and dominated the outfit. I just wanted a suggestion of the tattoo so that if someone is to look at me to the last detail it is only then that they would notice it.

And here is a nice shot of Maddox DuPont @ his MAD Photography Studio.


SKIN: Belleza ~ Ewan tan 6

HAIR: n/a

EYES: MADesigns NATURALS ~ happy blue pale eyes

TATTOO: iNFLiCT ~ No Remorse *Light*

BODY HAIR: BODY HAIR SHOP ~ [vdbv] – {Jack} – chest hair (black-straight-thin)


PANTS: Giusia ~ RENZO Black, Pants

BOOTS: D2TK ~ Mens Black Cowboy Boot

HAT: AKEYO ~ Fedora1_Black wool

SCARF: AOHARU ~ BT_SimpleScarf_Black(Male)

SUNGLASSES: FNKY! ~ ~FreeBase Glasses (Black)

CIG: FNKY! ~ Cigarette II (long ash)

NECKLACE: EARTHTONES boutique ~ His Prayer Rosary, Bloodstone/SlvrBrs

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