Flights of Fancy

Sometimes, when you wear an outfit it captures your imagination. The aptly named Trade Winds from Icing does that for me. It’s a gown that should be worn on the deck of a luxury line cruiser as you watch the sun set over a mysterious horizon.

< style details after the jump >

I’ve accessorized this gown with simple pieces, a straw hat, open toe sandals, hoop earrings and retro sunglasses as a homage to what I imagine women wore for travel cruises of the 30’s and 40’s.

If you enjoy Hollywood classic movies like I do, they portray an era when travel cruises were filled with mystery, romance and adventure.

What about a handbag, your might be asking or at the very least a large rattan bag? In my imagination and just out of shot of the picture, are two muscled ships stewards, dressed in white with gold braid on their caps, and red faced and puffing from the quantity of bags, packages and parcels they are carrying for me as I shop at exotic ports.


Skin: Dernier Cri ~ Lina Chestnut in Sunset Rose

Hair: ETD ~ No Bangs Bun in Blonde

Eyes: MADesigns ~ Naturals in Big Blue Eyes


Gown: Icing ~ Tradewinds

Earrings: Dark Mouse ~ Large Blue Silver Hoop Earrings

Bracelet: Dark Mouse ~ Silver Bangles

Shoes: Paper Couture ~ Diamond Heels in Fawn

Hat: Icon ~ Straw Hat in White

Glasses: Icing ~ Marilyn Sunglasses in White

Style/Model/Photography: Thalia Jie

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