Valiant Suit

KMADD City recently held designer showcase where designers from KMADD City were invited to release new item at their store for KMADD City Anniversary. Wavie Haller from Valiant came to the party and this is his autumn suit.

casual suit

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Casual suit is a hot new item for this season. Rolled up sleeves which I have been forcing on suits have it or not are also starting to appear. This particular suit does actually come with it.

There are great layer options which is good for wearing different shirts underneath and making the style uniquely yours. Ordinarily I would do my mix and match but this time I wanted to show you just how good this suit looks as a whole.

You will also be able to wear the shirt on it’s own and prim collar is optional.

I am also showing you new shoes from Kalnins called Crossyard. Kalnins shoes are script driven and you can adjust the size, position, color, shine and sound. Almost square toe, style that can be both casual and more dressy.

Talking about new releases…

Most people know me for my shapes but lately I have been branching out in other areas like: eyes, studio textures and now poses.

All of those are shown here. You have MADesigns Eyes from Promise series which have been extremely popular due to their realism and color selection. I am also showing you some of the poses I made which are on sale at my photography studio and will be available in the bundle shortly. And background , which is great for tinting and comes from Black and White photography studio texture set.

You will find poses and textures at MAD Studio and eyes on level 3 of MADesigns store @ KMADD City.

Please visit Designer Directory for store locations.


SKIN: Belleza ~ Ewan tan 7

HAIR: Gritty Kitty ~ Czech Mate – black

EYES: MADesigns ~ PROMISE eyes – brown pale 10


SUIT: Valiant ~ Designer Showcase Autumn Suit


RING: Mhaijik ~ Titanium w Black Ring Mns Sz

SHOES: Kalnins Shoes ~ Crossyard

WATCH: Diamond Depot – Leather and Silver Watch (Men’s)

Style/Model/Photography: Maddox DuPont

5 responses to “Valiant Suit

  1. I’m not sure why there seems to be such a polarized opinion of Valiant, this suit looks well done.

    I really love the shoes by Kalnin. Gallop are my current faves for slim, dressy shoes, and those shoes look like a pair I own in RL.

  2. Valiant is a great designer and his work is only getting better with time. He is sure the one to watch for Gahum. I seem to find something to wear from him all the time and it compliments well Redgrave, Muism and Juju’s closet, some of my favourite designers of male fashion in Second Life.

    Thank you Eve. The watch is actually by a friend of mine Collin Nilson. He is old SL soul but his work has not been widely publicised like other designers.

  3. I too have a number of items from Valiant. Like I said, I don’t get the polarized opinion I hear from people.

    If that watch is for sale, I’ll have to buy it. Most of the watches I’ve seen are big, heavy things.

  4. Yes that watch is for sale – Collin is a personal friend of mine and I have totally forgotten about this item untill I started to fill out creators details in our designer directory and realised that it was made by him. Collin is not in SL as much any more and has not created anything for ages but when I sent him the link of this post the next day he dropped on me another 2 items saying “I felt inspired”.

    To me it does not matter if someone has a great or small business or if their stuff is good or mostly bad, as long as I can find one item I like I will show it on here.

    Really, it is just great that people are trying to make things in SL, for some it could be the first time they did something creative. I know that there is lot of junk in SL but at least people are expressing themselves and that’s the most important thing.

    This is probably why I am against judging people’s work through rating system or so called blog reviews. It is so transparent that some people get ego trip from that while they have never done anything creative in Second Life at all. It is easy to never dare make fool out of yourself or fail at something new while you laugh at and criticise others.

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